NHS Tutor Request

How To Request A Tutor in Today’s Hybrid Education Model

1.     Visit:  www.parkland.mytutorbridge.com

2.     Click Sign Up button and enter your information.  Be sure user type is: STUDENT

3.     After creating your account, log in.  Usernames are all lower case!

4.     Click “Profile” and select “Tutee”.  Also enter your grade (9-12)

5.     Click “Schedule” and enter what help you are looking for

6.     Check the available tutors to see if one is available, if so, click “confirm” and you are done

7.     If there are no tutors available, then click “Add A Request”.  Enter the subject(s) you are looking for help with and the times you are available

8.     Check back periodically to see if any tutors claim your session

9.     Once you complete a session please log back into mytutorbridge and mark your session as complete

Note:  Sessions may occur virtually via zoom, face time or in person.  For in person sessions, once your session is scheduled, email bleamc@parklandsd.org and I will create an epass to go to the library.  Tutoring tables are in the rear right corner of the library.