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PHS Attendance Department

Absenteeism:  The Parent/Guardian of a student who is ill must, within 3 school days,  call Absentee Hotline to excuse your child.

Absentee Hotline:  610-351-5655.  The hotline is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Student Leave of Absence Permits:  When circumstances occur which require a student to be excused for a portion of a school day, a full day or multiple days, a Student Leave of Absence Permit is issued.   These permits are available in the Main Office and are subject to the approval of Administration.  They are to be used for Doctor/Dentist appointments, funerals, Court appearances, Religious matters, etc. and not be used to report a student’s absence due to illness. (see Absenteeism instructions above)

All of the above procedures are clearly defined in the Parkland High School Student Hand Book  for 2018-2019

Home Access Center:  The Home Access Center is a valuable tool for parents/guardians to use in order to keep up to date with attendance.  In addition to attendance, you are able to view a daily summary, course schedule, all completed class work and grades, interim progress and registration information.   If you do not have access to or need help with Home Access, contact HAC Help

Questions about attendance:

Specific Questions about a student’s attendance can be addressed by either email at  or call the Attendance Department Staff at : 610-351-5600 and enter the extension for the appropriate grade level contact person.

Jennifer Rosa is the 9th and 10th grade attendance secretary - ext. 73663

Jane Landis is the 11th and 12th grade attendance secretary - ext. 73662

Michele Schutter, Attendance Secretary – Ext. 73664