PHS Attendance Department

Staff Contact Information

  • Mrs. Jennifer Rosa:  9th & 10th grade Attendance Secretary
    610-351-5600 ext. 73663
  • Ms. Jane Landis:  11th & 12th grade Attendance Secretary
    610-351-5600 ext. 73662
  • Mrs. Michele Schutter:  Attendance Secretary
    610-351-5600 ext.73664       

Important Phone Numbers 
(which are accessible 24 hours/day, 7 days/week)

  • PHS Absentee Hotline:  610-351-5655 
  • Attendance Fax Number:  610-351-5656

Absentee Reporting Procedures

Students’ parents/guardians should adhere to the following procedures in instances where your son/daughter is absent from school:

Reporting a Planned Absence (Examples: Family trip, College visit, Doctor’s appointment, etc.):

  1. Utilize the Student Leave of Absence Permit Form, which is now available electronically.
  2. Send appropriate supporting document(s) along with the Permit to your child’s attendance secretary via email (scan or a picture) or fax.  Supporting documentation could include the following:

a. If taking a trip, please scan and email proof of travel (such as a flight itinerary that shows dates of travel along with name of parent/guardian).
b. If going to a doctor’s/dentist’s office, secure a note from that office.
c. If attending another appointment (such as a college visit or a court related matter), please provide a note from your visit/appointment. 

Reporting an Unplanned Absence (Example: illness):

  1. Call the PHS Absentee Hotline regarding the student’s absence (preferably on the morning of each day of absence).
  2. Be sure to clearly and slowly say your name and relationship to the student, your student’s name, ID number, and the reason your child is absent. 
  3. Upon return to school, the student must submit a note (signed by his/her parent/guardian or physician) within 3 days of return to school stating the date(s) and the specific reason for absence.

Should you have any attendance concerns/questions, please reach out to your child’s attendance secretary, Mrs. Rosa (grades 9 and 10) or Ms. Landis (grades 11 and 12) as listed above.