World Language

Language World Readiness Standards

Our World Language department offerings include 

French, German, Latin, Spanish and American Sign Language.

German- Levels 1-5, including level 5AP

French- Levels 1-5, including level 5AP

Spanish- Levels 1-5, including level 5AP

American Sign Language- Levels 1-4

Latin- Levels 1-4

Arabic/Chinese offerings- on location through LCCC, dependent upon enrollment

EWLE (Elementary World Language Experience):  Two high school students team teach 10 elementary classes(Grades 2-5)after school.  Elementary students sign up in the fall and spring semester.  Available classes depend on enrollment.

***Every language has an active club that all students may join.  Juniors and Seniors that meet the requirements may also join the French, German, Latin, Sign Language, and Spanish Honor Societies.

Please see individual teacher Schoology pages for more helpful links and language specific activities.  


Lauren Elsenbaumer

World Languages

Amanda Holbrook

World Languages
School: 74111

Laura Lentz

World Languages

Erin Mahmood

World Languages
School: 74422

Kellie O'Donnell

World Languages
School: 72103

Claudia Reyes

World Languages

Laura Roth-Nesley

World Languages
School: 74123

Matthew Woomer

World Languages
School: 72220

Lauren Yerger

World Languages


Susan Beideman

World Languages
School: 74211

Nicole Boudart

World Languages
School: 74434

Francis Moran

World Languages
School: 72203

Megan Skumin

World Languages
School: 74201


Meghan Pribicko

World Languages
School: 72410

Kathryn Roland

World Languages
School: 72413

Kristi Szabo

World Languages
School: 72126

American Sign Language

Jill Fuller

World Languages
School: 72213

Joan Vannatta

World Languages
School: 72405


Kimberly Brown

Departments: Social Studies, World Languages

Mary Redline

Departments: World Languages
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School: 72227

"A special kind of beauty exists which is born in language, of language, and for language." - Gaston Bachelard