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Textbook/material pickup for the POL students

Tuesday, September 8th




Wednesday, September 9th




The ASVAB test has been scheduled for two dates, Tues 10/6 and Thurs 10/8.

It will take place in the library, announcements will go out on Schoology Sept 14th and students will be able to sign up until the end of the month.  All students will be eligible to come in and take the test.  There will be no online testing as that is not an option.

On Wednesday, September 9, LCTI will be closed.  FULL DAY LCTI students should learn remotely from home and HALF DAY LCTI Hybrid PHS students (A-L) may opt to attend PHS classes remotely from home or attend assigned classes in person if they have their own transportation.   If you are planning on attending PHS please arrive at 11:20 to attend 6th period starting at 11:30. We are asking that students, please communicate with their teachers of their plan on Wed September 9th.