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Hello Senior Parents:

Senior year is in full force and graduation has been set for Tuesday, June 9th at the PPL Center.

Jostens is the company PHS uses to supply all seniors with their cap/gown and accessories.   The packet you just received has important information to get you ready for graduation.

The following information is included in the packet:

-             Jostens’ product catalog

-             Order form for cap & gown and accessories

-             Order form for jewelry

-             Sample of Parkland Class of 2020 graduation invite

All senior class members are required to have a cap and gown to participate in the graduation ceremony.  If you are only ordering the cap and gown, the cost is $28.00 plus tax.  You will utilize line 31 on the order form to place this order.  We encourage you to place your order early, a price increase will go into effect on January 31, 2020 to $38.00 plus tax.

The Jostens representative will be available on

Tuesday, October 29th and Wednesday, October 30th during all lunches to place your orders. 

You can also reach Jostens at 1.800.567.8367 or at to place your order.

NHS members are available to help students with tutoring. If you would like some help, please complete the google form found on your Class schoology page.

Algebra 1 Boot Camp

PHS Remediation Program

Keystone Algebra 1 Exam


PHS Students are eligible to participate in this Boot Camp if they are –


1.    Students in Grades 9, 10 or 11 who have already taken the Keystone Exam and have not yet achieved Proficiency.


2.    Students who are new to Parkland and have no record of the student taking the Keystone Exam.


Program Details:


Oct 1, 3, 7, 15, 17

Module 1: Operations with Real Numbers & Expressions

Nov 6

Module 2: Functions

Oct 21, 29

Module 1: Linear Equations

Nov 12, 14

Module 2: Coordinate Geometry

Oct 31

Nov 4

Module 1: Linear Inequalities

Nov 18, 20, 26

Module 2: Data Analysis

Dec 4, 9
Jan 8

Module 1 Review

Dec 11, 17
Jan 9

Module 2 Review

Dec 19
Jan 7

Overall Review


Algebra Keystone retest January 9 and 10 during school hours


Time: 3:05 to 4:20 PM                                              Location: Library Link Lab   


Program purpose:


To give students taking the Keystone Algebra 1 Exam in January a chance to practice necessary skills and work on problematic areas prior to the assessment.  A certified Mathematics Teacher will be on duty to guide students through practice problems and work on the areas of difficulty.



Sign up here: